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Wine Clubs

Join Corky & the Crew!

When you sign up to be in one of Corky’s Clubs, you can choose to have your wine shipped directly to your door, or to participate in our pick-up parties we hold at The Winery during the wine club designated month, February, May, August & November.  
Quarterly wine shipments/pick-ups contain three or six bottles of wine, hand selected by the winemaker.

Dolce De Corky – Satisfy your sweet tooth with these fruit forward wines

$45 + tax
Receive 3 bottles of sweet wines chosen by the winemaker.
Complimentary tasting for member + 1
Pick up parties & events for member + 1
20% off wine & merchandise
Limited edition & Seasonal Wines

Classic Corky – For the traditionalist in you

$55 + tax
Receive 3 bottles of traditional, red & white varietals chosen by the winemaker.
Complimentary tasting for member + 2
Pick up parties & events for member + 2
20% off wine & merchandise
Limited edition & Seasonal Wines

Corky’s Fusion – When the choice is just too tough

$95 + tax
Receive a total of 6 bottles containing 3 traditional & 3 sweet wines ranging from red to white chosen by the winemaker.
Complimentary tasting for member + 3
Pick up parties & events for member + 3
20% off wine & merchandise
Limited edition & Seasonal Wines

Here are the perks of clubbin’ with Corky:

  • Sign up is free
  • Members receive a 20% discount on wine (online store and tasting room)
  • Complimentary wine tasting for you and your guest(s)
  • 20% off tasting room merchandise and appetizer platters
  • First dibs on all new releases and special offers
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Quarterly wine pick-up parties for members & their guest(s) on designated pickup weekends
  • One free members choice birthday bottle during the members birthday month (limit one per membership)
  • If you choose to have your wine shipped to you, our shipping charge is always a flat rate, at $22.00 for any club. 



**Available for purchase in our tasting room!**


 Chef Corky – We LOVE cooking with wine, sometimes we even add it to the food!

$36 + tax
Receive 1 bottle of vinegar, one bottle of oill and 3 recipes formulated by Cordell's own Chef Jason Beard, along with one bottle of wine chosen by the winemaker at The Winery at Willow Creek. Plan a date night IN and create a dinner masterpiece with Chef Corky by your side!





Terms & Conditions

I certify that I am 21 years of age or older.

I understand an adult (over 21) signature is required at delivery, if having it shipped.

I agree that the Winery at Willow Creek will charge my credit card automatically one business day prior to each pick-up party. Once the wine clubs are charged, wine is considered purchased and is non-refundable and not able to be returned.

Pick-up weekends are on the third weekend of each designated wine club month; February, May, August and November. Wine club packages are considered pre-purchased and are not permitted to be opened on premise.

If I have chosen to have my wine shipped, my card provided will be charged accordingly for each wine shipment + taxes and $22.00 for shipping. If I am not able to receive my shipped wine, I understand that I am responsible for any shipping, return, and re-shipping costs.

I agree that if I select "pick up at winery" my wine will be automatically shipped if not picked up by the Saturday following the pick-up party.

Wine that is designated for shipping will be shipped out the Tuesday following the pick-up party. It is my obligation to notify the winery of any address changes before wines are shipped.

Cancellations are not permitted until after the first wine club bill date. Any cancellations must be made no later than 15 days prior to pick-up party date.

"Authorized User" will only be allowed to pick up orders in place of member. This person will not receive any benefits from the membership nor will have the ability to make any changes.

Dolce de Corky – 3 bottles

  • $45.00 / Shipment

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Classic Corky - 3 bottles

  • $55.00 / Shipment

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Corky’s Fusion – 6 bottles

  • $95.00 / Shipment

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